Digital Devices

District 49 uses a diverse set of digital devices for learning. From traditional wired computer labs to wireless computing devices such as iPads, Chromebooks, and MacBook Airs. Some of our schools are 1:1 based iPad deployments.


The total digital device count is slightly over 22,000 with Chromebooks being the most common.

Coding in the elementary launches more than propels mindsets into a new stratosphere! - Dr. Brad Gustafson
Google Workspace for Education

District 49 is a "Google" school district. Google school districts are those that leverage the innovative use of Google Workspace for Education tools and services (formerly known as G Suite for Education) to drive positive learning outcomes in education. District 49 adopted the original Google Apps for Education back in 2015 and has continued to expand it's use in the classroom by providing extensive professional development opportunities for educators and also by purchasing Chromebook computers for student instructional use. D49 has seen an incredible 538% increase in Chromebooks since adopting the platform in 2015..

Technology Standards

District 49 recognizes and appreciates the fast pace at which technology evolves in education and as such, embraces the standards created by ISTE. The ISTE Standards (formerly "National Educational Technology Standards" or NETS) are a framework for implementing digital strategies in education to positively impact learning, teaching and leading. Click on the links below to view the standards.

The International Society for Technology in Education​ (ISTE​) is a nonprofit organization that serves educators interested in better use of technology in education. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world through individual and organizational membership and support services. ISTE provides educational technology resources to support professional learning for educators and education leaders, including the ISTE Conference and Expo, a worldwide comprehensive ed tech event, and the widely adopted ISTE Standards for learning, teaching and leading with technology.

As with any technology used in the classroom, its power to transform is only as good as its strategic implemenation. -  Eric Sheninger
With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the transformation of  education around the world!  - Craig R. Barrent 
Computer Based Assessments

As part of District 49's Learning Services department, the Ed Tech team provides support for computer based assessments, ensuring the technical readiness of online assessment platforms. In partnership with Sentinel Technologies, a contracted IT service company, the Ed Tech team helps with testing and verifying the technologies and the supporting infrastructure used during assessments. Computer Lab and device audits are conducted prior to the test windows for state mandated assessments such as CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Standards).


In addition to support for CMAS, the Ed Tech Team provides support for other assessment and progress monitoring platforms such as WIDA ACCESS for english language learners, ACT Aspire, Math and Reading Inventory by HMH (formerly Scholastic), AimsWeb Plus, and KITE-DLM for students with severe cognitive disabilities.

When students can use technology to explore, design, and create, that's where the magic happens - Thomas Murray
Learning Management

District 49 leverages the use of the Schoology Learning Management system at many of our schools. The Schoology LMS offers a rich set of tools that foster learning, collaboration, and academic achievement all in one digital platform. Schoology connects teachers, coaches, administrators, and above all, the parents of the children in our school district.



The Schoology home page lists all courses that students and staff members are enrolled in. Student course enrollments are synched daily with our student information system, PowerSchool, and always up to date. Departments and staff members are also able to create individual courses and groups to increase learning across the district. 

Tech gives the quietest student a voice. -  Jerry Blumengarten