Broadcasting to Classroom Displays on the Cheap With AirParrot 2

Over the past few years many school districts have made the move to flat panel displays in classrooms. The flat panel display's built-in wi-fi allows for easily connecting them to your local wireless network. The newer flat panel displays also come with integrated ChromeCast, Miracast, and SmartCast apps that enable you to broadcast from your computer to the display when connected to the local WLAN. This is typically known as mirroring and can be generally described as "HDMI over WiFi" where the cabling between your computer and the display is eliminated. I was always curious about ways to broadcast from one computer to the many displays that are in a school and a colleague of mine mentioned AirParrot software. Mirroring is usually done with the Google Chrome browser to a single display but with integrated cast technology on your displays and AirParrot 2 software, you can simultaneously broadcast from your computer to the displays that are on your local network! All you have to do is select the displays listed on the AirParrot menu. Additionally, the AirParrot software controls can be set to cast specific apps and web browser windows allowing you do work in other apps on your computer. AirParrot will also find Apple TVs that are connected to older displays on your network that don't have integrated cast technology.

To go even further with AirParrot 2, you can also stream media content that is already on your device such as movies and music. AirParrot sends the media directly to cast ready displays and Apple TVs instead of mirroring your device. Streaming media with AirParrot 2 also provides for a higher quality experience on the display while at the same time allowing you to continue to use the device for work. All this for a mere $12.99! What a bargain!