Google Keep is a Keeper

Working in education technology is exciting. Not only do you have the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge but a lot of time is also spent sifting through websites and blogs, researching and learning from others in the field. Electronic newsletters also point you to their sites to share new and innovative technologies. Bookmarking every single one of interest would definitely make for a very crowded bookmarks bar or menu. Here is where I use Google Keep, in the Google Chrome web browser. Since Google Keep is an app in our G-Suite domain, I have access to it from the waffle/grid icon in Google Chrome. I then can save all those interesting sites that have articles or information that I want to re-visit at a later time right from the menu bar with the Google Keep Chrome extension.

But Google Keep can do some really neat things other than just saving website links as notes. Here the G-Suite Team at Google gives us a nice little informative video on some of those neat Google Keep features.