• Melissa Riggs

How #ONEWORD replaced New Year's Resolutions

It started around the time I was in middle school this idea of New Year's Resolutions. All my friends were writing them and I certainly didn't want to be left out. The trend continued on through adulthood-probably the same topics you had on your lists: eat healthier, workout, drink more water, etc. For me, those resolutions may have lasted a few weeks, but rarely past the end of January.

Last year I was again contemplating the usual laundry list of resolutions that I knew I would never be successful at when I ran across the #oneword movement on Twitter.

“Focus on being rather than doing,” advocates One Word 365. “Different than resolutions, your own word isn’t a constant reminder of what you ‘should be doing’. Instead, it stands to inspire how you want to live. Think about who you want to be, and choose a word that will help you become that.”

Sign me up! This actually sounded like something I could accomplish successfully. Inspiring myself to improve without the guilt-yep I was on board with that. I spent quite a bit of time searching for the perfect #oneword. I looked at what others had chosen because I'm a copycat at heart. I wanted something that would be broad enough to cover more than just eating healthy and exercise. I also wanted a word that could apply to both my professional and personal life...

Then it appeared: RENEW

Yes! Renewing friendships that had slipped away, renewing healthy habits, renewing an excitement for life in general. I wrote it on the board behind my desk so I could see it everyday. I wrote it on a sticky note and kept it in my Jeep. For the first time ever, I was still contemplating how my decisions and actions would meet my #oneword long past January 31st.

Right now I am thinking about my word for 2019. I keep circling back to EXPLORE.

Maybe because as a family we are planning a big trip to Italy in June to celebrate our oldest daughter's graduation from University of Maryland. Maybe because it will help push me out of my comfort zone to try new things at work. Maybe it will get me motivated in others ways.

Have you tried #oneword instead of resolutions? I'd love to hear what your word was and how it impacted your year!