Mind Mapping in Education

In my role as Education Technology Specialist, I needed a tool to improve the way I plan, organize, and strategize. The role requires interfacing with several different groups, so how do you keep track of all the information and associated tasks? A notes app, Google docs, Gmail tasks, and Google Keep are handy tools. I started with just a notes app and the web based Trello for task management. This was adequate enough but the job of organizing all the information was still not easily manageable.

Here's where a digital mind mapping tool came into play for me. Using a mind mapping tool such as Mind Meister, I now can break down large amounts of information

into manageable chunks so that I can plan, organize, and strategize effectively without getting overwhelmed, which often times leads to forgetting and overlooking important information. Also, with Mind Meister by Meister Labs, I can integrate it's companion software Meister Task, for all of my tasks and projects right from any mind map I create. Way cool. Lastly, Mind Meister integrates well with Google's G-Suite. All your maps are synched in Google drive!

Mind mapping tools and techniques can also be used in education as an effective learning tool! Mind mapping with Mind Meister is currently used by thousands of school districts across the globe. In fact, the authors of "The Technology Coordinator's Handbook", an ISTE publication, apply the revised Bloom's taxonomy to technologies that are available today and list mind mapping tools in the "Analyzing" and "Understanding" levels of the revised taxonomy.

Below is a mind map outlining the use of mind mapping in education created by Raphaela Brandner from Meister Labs.

Raphaela also shares more in her blog post here.

Here's a look at Mind Meister in action! Courtesy of Meister Labs.