• Melissa Riggs

Presenting at the #ISTE18 Expo

Not the big Keynote stage, not on the agenda, but many of the big names in Ed Tech were presenting in the Expo. I was lucky enough to be asked by Schoology to put together a 30 minute session for Day 2 of ISTE.

My topic was "Testing the Social Networking Waters for Elementary Students". So what does that mean? I shared with the crowd about a Digital Citizenship lesson for 5th graders that included a quiz with videos that I created in Schoology. Once students passed the quiz, they received the code to a class "Chat Room" through Schoology Groups.

Creating a "Chat Room" gives elementary students a taste of social media in a controlled environment. Each time a post is published, I receive an email and am able to review the post and delete if necessary. Students know that if one of their posts is deleted, then a conversation will be forthcoming. Not a point the finger conversation, but learning conversation about what caused that post to be deleted.

Students are not to be in the "Chat Room" during school hours, early in the morning, or late at night. There are parameters in this space that will not be there for students in actual social media spaces. Ongoing lessons in Digital Citizenship will help prepare students for their online experiences as they build their digital footprint/tattoo/scar.

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